What is the Use of Plasma in Blood?

Plasma in our blood is a matter that most of us are not aware about, and is often forgotten at most times. However, everyone should remember that it has a very huge purpose in our circulatory system. If you still remember in your science class, specifically in biology and if you’re not a medical student, take note that plasma was discussed, but only briefly.

This time, you will be refreshed with a bit of information about it for you to remember its use in our blood, and why it’s as important as our own blood as well.


Important Facts about Plasma

It might be a common fact that the white and red blood cells, along with the platelets are essential for our body to function well. However, the plasma is known to be capable of providing a very crucial job for those three components of the blood since it’s the fluid that carries the three as they travel throughout our body. That’s why one should remember that the plasma is almost responsible for our blood cells to flow throughout our entire body through our veins.


Take note that the platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells are only 45% of our own blood, while plasma is the remaining 55% percent. We all know that blood is red even if plasma is included in it, but if its separated from the blood, it’s actually a light yellow liquid. Plasma is known to be composed of water – which is why it carries all of the blood components in order for it to look liquid.


Alongside water, it also contains enzymes, and salt. Some very important components of plasma include the immunoglobulins – which act as an antibody to make our body more immune from harsh elements that can cause serious health problems. It’s also responsible for the blood clotting capability of our body. That’s why doctors tend to use it into ingredients for products that are good for curing trauma, burns and so as emergency medical precautions – making it a great contributor in the field of medicine.


Aside from helping the blood cells and platelets flow throughout the body, plasma is also capable of transporting the nutrients throughout our body, as well as provide the hormones that we need for various purposes. It’s also capable of carrying the proteins that we intake to the various parts of body that needs that type of nutrient.


Some of the cells in our body also deposit the waste in our plasma in order to keep us fully clean. As waste products get deposited through the plasma, it also removes those waste out of our body. Aside from all of these capabilities in distribution, plasma also makes sure that the whole circulatory system works well by letting blood flow all over it.


Plasma’s a Very Important Part of the Body!

You can really say that plasma is known to be an extremely important part of the body even if its often ignored by people. Take note that aside from letting it flow the blood throughout our body, as well as provide distribution of protein and removal of waste products, it’s also serves as a form of treatment for several health problems. That’s why doctors recommend people to become plasma donors to assure the health and safety of patient’s lives when it’s crucially needed.