The Truth About Plasma Donation

Take note that plasma donation is not just beneficial because it makes you a responsible donor. There are several other benefits that you will find interesting once you learn more about plasma donation. But first, you need to become aware about its marketing for you to know that it plays a huge role in the field of medicine.

Plasma has actually created a huge industry – where it gained $4 billion in 2008, and it increased greatly up to $11 in just 6 years. This very fact is just one testament why plasma is extremely important in modern medicine. Aside from that, here are more benefits that will let you know that plasma donation is very important in society:


Donors can Benefit Financially

Take note that donors get paid for what they donate. Plasma donation pays around $50 for those who are willing to provide the substance. However, there are some clinics that might pay less, but there are also others that pay a lot more than just $50. This can be perfect for paying up bills, food, and other basic needs – which also includes medicine.


Medical Needs are Provided

Plasma is very important as it helps people that might experience severe burns, as well as provide it to those with leukemia. Those who have undergone surgery, especially emergency ones, need a certain amount of it as well. Major injuries are also treated using plasma as well. Plasma also contains enzymes, and therefore used to treat patients that might have infection in their bodies as well.


Donors will Become Healthy

Some might not know and feel it, but according to many scientific studies, donation of plasma under a regular basis, along with blood donation, provides health benefits. Since health screenings occur before plasma donation, the patient will become updated about their improving health, and there are lots of regular donors that have proven this benefit already. Take note that plasma and/or blood donation renews the whole circulatory system in order to provide a new supply of blood within the body.


Plasma Donation is Safe

Plasma donation is just like blood donation, and therefore, you can say that it’s a safe procedure. Donors undergo a strict health screening procedure before the donation procedure starts, and they are even advised to do the whole process twice. Most clinics don’t provide plasma from donors who donated only once due to safety concerns. Patients should also be very healthy and are not engaged into unhealthy habits like smoking, heavy tattoo usage and using drugs in order to donate plasma – proving further its importance to the health of the patients who need it. Therefore, if you’re healthy your donation will go to a greater cause.


Good Karma is Provided

It just feels good to know that you’re able to help others. Take note that plasma is one of the leading ingredients to medical products that are used for major illnesses like leukemia, and is often used for surgeries and infection removal that might be critical to one’s life. If you firmly believe in the law of karma, for sure you’re aware that good karma will come to you thanks to your contribution.


Sadly, not all things are fully of benefits only. Plasma donation also has its downsides as well. Here are the following disadvantages about plasma donations:


Plasma Donation has Side Effects

Plasma donation is known to cause serious side effects. These include dehydration, fainting, fatigue which can last for hours, and even vein damage. Take note that the severity of the side effects depend on the donor’s overall resistance. There are even some who might feel sleepy or nauseous after the procedure, while other weaker ones might even collapse after a few minutes. However, once again, it still depends on the person since not all can experience the mentioned side effects.


Calcium Decrease

Plasma donation is known to include components that might bond with the calcium found in the blood. Once it bonds and the donation is processed, the calcium in your blood can be taken out and can cause depletion within your body. This is also the cause of the side effects that were mentioned above. Take note that calcium keeps our bones healthy, and lacking it can cause diseases like osteoporosis and weakening of the bones to the point of being brittle.


It’s Uncomfortable

Donating plasma is known to be a very uncomfortable feeling. If you have fear of injections, you might find the process very frightening since 16-gage needles will be used. But with the right professional to handle the matter, you will never feel too much discomfort from the donation process. However, if improper handling is done, vein damage can possibly happen – making the process more uncomfortable.


A Wrong Person Might do it

Let’s face the truth: not all professionals in the hospital can perform perfectly. If the procedure of plasma donation goes wrong, it can cause problems to the donor such as the vein damage which was explained earlier. Aside from that, health centers who don’t properly do the screening procedures – and at the same time allowed unhealthy donors to donate – the donated plasma can give patients a huge chance to experience further health problems in the future.


Plasma donation truly is one of the most important practices in modern medicine that can help thousands of lives in the long run, and so as your body once you donate for the patients. However, the truth is not just all about the good benefits at all in order for you to have full awareness about plasma donation – which is why you have to be fully knowledge about about this serious matter.