plasma donation weight chart

Plasma Donation Weight Chart

Plasma donation is a valuable contribution to the medical world. It is the fourth component of human blood, and it helps treat a variety of medical conditions. Plasma can be used to treat burns, clotting disorders, hemophilia, and immune deficiencies. Donating plasma is similar to giving blood, but it is more complicated and has more specific eligibility criteria. One of these criteria is a donor’s weight.

Donors must meet the weight requirements to donate plasma. For example, to donate whole blood, the minimum weight requirement is 110 pounds, but for plasma donation, the minimum is 115 pounds. The exact weight requirements vary by donation center and by donor age. Generally, a donor must weigh between 110 and 185 pounds to be eligible to donate.

For a more detailed look at plasma donation weight requirements, you can refer to the plasma donation weight chart. This chart provides information on the minimum and maximum weights for donors of all ages. For example, a donor under 18 years old must weigh at least 115 pounds, and donors between 19 and 64 must weigh between 110 and 185. The chart also shows the acceptable weight range for those 65 and older, which is 110 to 175 pounds.

Plasma donation centers may also have their own specific weight requirements. Therefore, it is important to contact the center before donating to make sure you meet their criteria.


Q: What is the minimum weight for donating plasma?
A: The minimum weight for donating plasma is 115 pounds. However, this varies by donation center and donor age.

Q: Is there a maximum weight for donating plasma?
A: Yes, the maximum weight for donating plasma varies by donor age. For those between 19 and 64, the maximum weight is 185 pounds, and for those 65 and older, the maximum weight is 175 pounds.

Q: Is there a chart that shows the weight requirements for donating plasma?
A: Yes, there is a plasma donation weight chart that provides detailed information on the minimum and maximum weights for donors of all ages.

Q: Are there any other requirements to donate plasma?
A: Yes, there are other requirements to donate plasma. Donors must meet health and lifestyle requirements, and they must pass a physical examination.