How often can you donate plasma

People have various questions in their mind related to plasma donations such as how often you can donate plasma and after how much time period and many more. According to the FDA rules and regulations, a donor can donate plasma twice a week with at least a gap of one day for rest between the donations.


American Red Cross Suggestion on plasma donation

american-red-crossThere are people who donate plasma for money and they want to donate plasma more than twice a week. Blood bank in which plasma is donated does not allow people to donate more than two times in a week which is necessary for that person’s health. According to the American Red Cross Website, you can donate plasma up to 28 days and around 13 times a year. Plasma can be donated once in every three weeks and platelet donors can donate plasma after every eight days, and around 24 times in a year.

Before a donor is accepted for Biolife Plasma Services donor program, they will have to undergo a medical exam and their medical history is properly checked, you need to be physically fit; your age must be above eighteen years old and should be free from any kind of disease with at least 110 pounds of weight. Donating plasma is a procedure with low risk and fewer side effects.

Usually, the body of the healthy donors will be able to quickly replace the plasma which is removed while donation. Source plasma donation can be collected two times in a week while immunoglobulin levels and total protein remains within the adequate limits.

The body replaces the plasma quickly when removed during the donation procedure and this is the reason why a healthy person can donate plasma two times in a week. A healthy person can donate plasma after 48 hours; therefore, there are few donation centers such as CSL plasma who allows an individual to donate more than once in a week. In order to donate plasma, you need to carry important documents along with you such as official picture ID, date of birth proof, proof of current address and signatures at the end required on the form.


Plasma donation International rules

There are different rules followed for donating plasma in different countries, all these rules are necessary to be followed for donating plasma. There are few countries mentioned below who have specified rules for donation of plasma such as

Plasma donors can donate plasma in UK after the gap of twenty-eight days and in Australia, Red Cross blood bank permits an individual to donate plasma in every two weeks.

But in the United States according to the federal regulations, individual can donate plasma two times in a week but with a condition that there must be at least two days gap between donations.