Check Your Biolife Card Balance

Biolife card is basically the compensation system for all your plasma donations at Biolife. After each of your donations, your funds will be transferred to your card thus giving you convenient access to your funds and making them safe and secure.

Your Biolife card can be used anywhere to make purchases wherever Visa Debit cards are to be accepted. They can even be used to withdraw cash at ATMs.


How to register your Biolife Card

It is very easy to get the card and you don’t even require to go through any pre-screening process for this. Once you obtain your Biolife card, you just need to register it online through these simple steps given below:-

  • Go to to start with and click on the “ register your card” option.
  • Now enter the 16 digit number given on the front of your card and next the 3 or 4 digit security code to be entered in the next line.
  • You have successfully completed the registration process.


Advantages of owning a Biolife Card

It would be so easy for you to manage your Biolife card with your username and password. Accepting payments as a donor and using the funds at any other location would become so easier. You can also easily withdraw cash from any of the Money Pass, 7 Eleven, Allponit, Citibank ATM locations. With your card you will also get benefits like getting reminders for your upcoming appointments.


How to check your Biolife card balance

In order to check balance of your Biolife Card, you just need to send a text message “BAL” to 445544 and you will be charged your usual carrier rates or you can view your online account by visiting the You can even call the number that is given at the back of your card.

If you check your balance at an ATM, you will be charged a fee. In order to use the service of checking the balance of your card through text messages, you must have your number updated on your profile page of your online account.

Contact the number below For any questions regarding your BioLife card

  • 1-888-472-0099