Biolife easy scheduler FAQ

Q: What is the best method to register for plasma donation at BioLife?

A: If you are new to donating at BioLife, before you start you should learn that the step-by-step process through which your account will be created is very simple and easy to follow. In order to start, you will first have to go to EasyScheduler website and create your account following the instructions listed.

Once you click on the Register Now button you can start the process that will first require you to type in a valid email address. Once the address has been confirmed, you will be able to use this email as your User ID that will later help you log into the system anytime you want.

After you successfully log in for the first time, your profile will be set up with the help of the Donor Profile Wizard. It is important to know that every piece of information that you provide is treated confidentially and will be stored in a safe and secure environment. In order to check if you are eligible or not, BioLife will require you to go through a physical exam that will show if you are qualified for plasma donation or not.


Q: What is the best method to schedule an appointment?

A: In order to make your donation you will be required to personally select the date and time when you wish to visit one of our donation centers. In order to make your first appointment, here is what you will have to do:

  • Start by heading over to the Date Calendar. Once here, select the type of appointment that you are interested in: donation or physical. Since the Select a Date Calendar was developed as a smart application it will show you the date of your most recent 2 donations and also the dates when you are accepted for donations again for the next 2 weeks. As a donor, you will be allowed to manually select the date and time when you wish to make your donation but you will not be allowed to select a day in which you are not eligible.


  • Once you selected the date, you will be redirected to the actual list of times that are free on the day you selected. If you are interested in our playroom services while donating please specify the number of children in the available blank space given. However, if the playroom is occupied, the system might tell you that the appointment times are unavailable.


  • Once all the information are checked and entered correctly, hit the Make an Appointment button and confirm the schedule once the confirmation message pops up.


Q: Editing my profile settings

A: If you want to perform modifications on your profile and scheduling preferences you are invited to check out The My Profile section of the site. Once you access this area you will be able to personally edit and change your scheduling preferences,  notification preferences and even change your password anytime.

However, please be advised that some of the presented information will not be editable so if you want to make changes in such areas please consult a BioLife staff member at one of our plasma donating centers.


Q: Editing My Schedule Preferences

A: By using the My Schedule Preferences section of the site you will be able to suggest the preferred donation periods that are most convenient for you. Furthermore, judging from your preferences, the automated system will make suggestion for appointments that  it considers most suitable for you. However, these suggestions do not offer you a guaranteed spot as a donor in the mentioned timeframe.


Q: How to set appointment reminders?

A: If you want to make sure that you don`t miss your scheduled appointment, you are allowed to set multiple reminders that will be sent on your email address at pre-defined intervals.


Q: I am not able to attend the BioLife Plasma Center that I have made an appointment for. Is it possible to make an appointment at a new center?

A: If for whatever reason you are not able to make it on time for your appointment at the selected BioLife Plasma Center you have the possibility to contact the unit to change your easyScheduler profile to another center. Once you have completed the transfer process successfully you will be able to make appointments at your new center easily.


Q: I have tried to schedule an appointment but all the days in the calendar are marked with red. What should I do?

A: There are multiple reasons for which the system doesn`t allow you to schedule yourself an appointment:


  1. If you have a deferral such as a medical condition that has remained unresolved, you will not be allowed to make a schedule for a donation until the issue has been solved. In order to resolve the deferral as quickly as possible you will be asked to personally contact your BioLife Plasma Center . Once everything is set you will be able to schedule an appointment just as before.
  2. If you have made more than 2 donations in the last 7 days you will not be allowed to make a new donation for safety reasons.
  3. If your last donation at one of our a BioLife Plasma Centers was more than 6 months ago you will be banned from donating again until you schedule and pass a physical with donation appointment.
  4. If your physical is past the annual due date you will be asked to re-new it by completing a new physical before proceeding to an actual donation.


Q: How can I obtain information about when my physical is due?

A: For the moment, by accessing your easyscheduler profile you will not be able to obtain detailed information about when your physical was last made and when it`s due date is. However, in order to be able to keep an evidence, at your next visit at one of our BioLife Plasma Centers, ask one of our staff members to offer you these information and they will happily help you out.  As we are constantly updating easyScheduler, it is expected that the last physical dates will be displayed by the end of Autumn 2011.


Q: I am checking the available appointment dates and even if they seem available (marked with white) once I pick the time they are all marked with red.

A: If you intend to use the supervised playroom for a certain amount of children and for the time and date selected the playroom is full you will not be allowed to make an appointment with EasyScheduler. For safety reasons, BioLife has set a maximum number of children who will be supervised carefully by our staff at one time. If you change your mind and do not ned to use our playroom service just change the initial number of children you intended to bring to “0” and you will be once again eligible to make a schedule.


Q: Is it possible to schedule a donation appointment as well as a physical with donation appointment?

A: In order to be sure that you are scheduling for the right appointment please double-check that the correct radio button is selected. In this area you will be able to choose between ‘Physical with Donation’ or ‘Donation’. You can easily locate this radio button above the calendar view.


Q: If I have an appointment made for today that I can no longer attend, is there any possibility to change the date or the time?

A: If for whatever reason you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment you can easily select a new date or time that is more convenient. In order to do this you will have to follow the “modify” link that is next to your scheduled appointment date and select a new date and time.


Q: Is it possible for a person to make donations at two different centers at the same time if he can`t get an appointment at one?

A: Our politics clearly state that a donor is allowed to make a donation at one center at a time. If by any chance you find yourself in the situation that the time you selected is taken we strongly advise you to consult the calendar and pick another date. For convenience, appointments for donations can be made 2 weeks ahead of time.


Q: Once I start scanning out after my donation I see 3 suggested appointments. How can I interpret this?

A: As we mentioned before, our easyScheduler is a smart application that allows you to personalize your appointment preferences.  If you have already learned how to do this by using your ‘Schedule Preferences’ tab you have probably noticed that the site has collected valuable information about your preferred days and times when you are available to donate.  Once all these information have been submitted, at your next visit on the site, you will be presented with the 2nd and 3rd appointment proposals that were selected according to your preferences. Every time you check your calendar, the 1st suggestion will be the next available appointment that you can schedule for.


Q: Is there any possibility to reset my password if my ID is set to my email address?

A: In this situation, you will be asked to use the “Forgot Password’ link that is conveniently located under the “Login” button. Once you found the link and clicked on it, you will be asked to fill in the email address you used to register in easyScheduler. Once the process is completed your password will be automatically sent to your email address in maximum 15 minutes.

For security reasons, our password reset system will not work from your mobile device unless you are using your email for logging in. In this case, your only solution to reset your password is to personally visit one of our centers for help. If you are using your emila simply fill in your address in the available login space and click on the “Forgot Password’ link. Once again, your password will be sent to your email address.


Q: Is there any possibility to reset my password if my ID is NOT set to my email address?

A: In this situation you will need to personally turn to a BioLife employee for help. Because we put a great price on security, your password will be manually resetted by our helping staff members . This system is unavailable through phone so once you schedule your next appointment you are advised to request a password reset personally from one of our employees. In order to make things easier for the future we advise you to change your User ID to your email address. This way, you will be granted with the permission of resetting your password anytime you want.


Q: If I go through the process of resetting my password with the “Forgot Password” feature and still do not receive an email in my inbox, what should I do?

A: In this situation you are advised to check the “Junk” and “Spam” folders as well. Sometimes, your email security system filters out these messages so they might not end up in your “Inbox”


Q: Once I have gone through the process of resetting my password with the ”Forgot Password” feature I have received an email but as I type in the password in the login page it doesn`t seem to work. What should I do?

A: In order to make sure that you don`t type the password incorrectly you are advised to copy and paste the password you received directly into the easyScheduler password field. Also, double-check if your User ID is entered correctly and attempt logging in once again.