The old Biolife easy scheduler is not available anymore

Biolife easy scheduler is specifically designed for the plasma donors. With the help of Biolife easy scheduler, clients can easily register themselves and fix an appointment very easily.

For donating plasma, you need to book an appointment by simply accessing Biolife easy scheduler. With the help of biolife easy scheduler, it will become easier for the donors to fix an appointment quickly with BioLife Plasma Services in few easy steps.

Note: biolife easy scheduler mobile is no longer available, please visit their home page to make a schedule appointment. And no app for mobile is available for now.

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Get Up to $250 Biolife Coupons – Biolife Plasma Promotions

biolife coupons

The time you spend and the plasma you donate is not for nothing; Biolife will compensate you fairly. But you should be thrilled to know that Biolife also runs a promotion where you can earn up to $250 in your first 5 donations through a coupon.

Once you have the coupon, you need to print it out and carry it to the Biolife Plasma Donation Center in your area. Or you could also save the coupon image in your phone and show it at the center. “Barcode” is essential here. The coupon itself contains all the instructions and conditions on how you can redeem it.

To ensure that you never miss out on promotions and appointments; you could also opt in for reminders through emails and text messages; the option to this is available in your Biolife Account. You simply have to go to the Current Donor Tab and then My Profile. You should see Donor Information to the left; here you can opt in to receive promotions and coupons in your inbox or you could also select Notification Preference, put the Phone Status on, provide your mobile number and click Save to receive text messages as reminders.

As easy as it is to claim coupons and earn more, it should also be noted that you cannot use the coupon all over the United States. Each coupon is location specific and is valid only in that area. For instance; a coupon from Biolife Plasma in Denton, Cedar Rapids, Green Bay, etc. is valid only in these respective places. So the only way to avoid mistakes – and rejection inevitably – is to schedule an appointment through the Biolife Easy Scheduler, get your coupon and call up/visit the concerned center.

But you have to log in to your Biolife Account and schedule an appointment through Biolife Easy Scheduler to avail the coupon. The coupon comes with a barcode and looks something like this:

Not many people know Biolife provides up to $250 of coupons for its plasma donors, because it is not easy to find out. However, you can easily find the right Biolife Coupons by following this guide.

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Login New Biolife easy scheduler

If you want to book your appointment in a health care center for plasma donate appointments then, Biolifescheduler is perfect for you. Plasma donate appointments are the appointments fixed for the clients who want to donate plasma. Biolife easy scheduler is very simple to use. You can simply register yourself that will need just to sign up with your password, location and email address.

After this, you can sign in anytime, there is no limit on its use. So you are allowed to use this software when you required it. For booking an appointment, it is also important for you to clear the eligibility criteria.

Sign up Biolife easy scheduler and make your appointment today.

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What is Plasma?

Plasma is a light in color fluid portion of the blood which is made up of cellular part which consists of white blood cells, platelets, and red blood cells. Plasma in our body is helpful in keeping us away from various diseases like rabies, hepatitis, chicken pox, tetanus etc. Donating plasma is safe and easy.

About Biolife plasma services

biolife plasma servicesBiolife plasma services is a leading plasma service provider industry which is known for providing high quality of plasma with facility of easy scheduling of appointments for the plasma donors. Bio life services provide services in Austria and United states. Quality of service and safety is ensured by biolife service provider to their clients.

BioLife plasma easy scheduler come under Baxalta incorporated. Baxalta incorporated is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing products which are used in saving life of people from various Sevier diseases such as hemophilia, infectious diseases, hemophilia, immune disorders, trauma, kidney diseases and other acute and chronic medical health conditions.

Baxalta is expertise in constructing products like pharmaceuticals, bio technology and medical devices. All these products created by Baxalta provide clients with excellent quality of services on time. Baxalta also make sure to fulfill client’s expectations. Every customer is happy with services provided by Baxalta. In this particular organization, every donor is acknowledged for the contribution which they have given and exceptional services are also provided to that client.